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 Sacred Pathways

The Journey of Enlightenment - DVD


Kinlen Wheeler is a contemporary shaman who believes we are all called on a path of spiritual awakening and personal growth. In this DVD, Kinlen presents her message of the personal journey toward enlightenment which features the four directions of the Chacana, a depiction of an Andean star. Her engaging and poignant expression, coupled with effective graphics, render a powerful blueprint of the process of spiritual growth. This DVD beautifully presents the framework of Kinlen's personal journey through the four directions of south, west, north, and east, as well as beyond into the realms of starkeeper and creation-ship.  Kinlen has developed practices working in the energy field to assist us in breaking free of old energy patterns and to create new structures of energy so that we might grow into our fullest selves. She and her husband Wake Wheeler, also a contemporary shaman, are based in Eugene, Oregon.

Information about Kinlen and Wake's individual sessions, shamanic workshops, and sacred journeys can be found at

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