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Working with Carol and Jim on this video was effortless. They seem to tab into the higher knowing that flows through me and all of us.

Joseph Bernard


I cannot thank Jim and Carol enough for the amazing work they did. To create what they are producing takes much more than just the technical knowledge with the camera and editing. They have a vision and an understanding of what messages from their subject’s that need to get on camera. They draw out that message with their questions and then synthesize them in their editing. I had no agenda planned for the filming session but just trusted that Great Spirit would direct me. I definitely know that Great Spirit is working through Jim and Carol!

Drake Bear Stephen 


Carol and Jim are such artisans, diplomats, and visionaries.  What a joy to be able to work with you.  I feel we are part of an evolutionary river.

Sophia McCoy


Thanks so much for your work in the world.

Sylvan Simmons


One of the many reason you do such great work is that you live, know, and do this work and did what worked best. " Flow " is what most everyone who saw this said. I send you my Love and Gratitude for this beautiful work you have created for me.

Jeffrey Churchill


WOW!!!!!!!!!   What an experience to watch these and know where they came from (a trip down impassioned lane!!) and see the synthesis you've created.  I am SOOOO very grateful and amazed to watch and hear myself.  Bless your creative selves and the care with which you are presenting me.  I feel amazed and grateful. 

Debra Fant


What amazing videos. I really am flabbergasted about the quality and am amazed about me seeing myself talking. They are all so beautiful and so natural. Thanks a lot for providing this opportunity.

Henny Silvius


I am totally and completely blown away by these. Your editing is amazing. I actually made sense! Incredible! I am very pleased with the results.
Thanks for a great job!

George Mazeika


These Look Great!

Dee Ann Nichols


Awesome, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anasuya Krishnaswamy


WOW! It is perfect! Thank you! Thank you Thank you!

Bonnie Sandera

WOW!! I just watched the videos and I'm completely blown away. Excellent job all around. When I think of the amazing journey this has been and all of heartfelt effort you have put into making this happen it fills my heart with gratitude and joy.

Scott Johnson 


Wow!!! You guys do great work.

Jim & Jennifer Kinney


Bravo, I really like them, I think they are great!!  

James Jereb


Thank you, this is wonderful. Thank you for hearing the essence of my words and weaving them together so artfully. And thank you for the generosity of your spirits, helping us all create these meaningful snapshots.

Deborah Jones


I think you really captured the essence of what I was trying to say. Thank you! This is really incredible!!!!

Dawn Bielawski, Ph.D. 


You did a wonderful job with this.  It's great. What a gift!  I am so excited about how it turned out. Woohoo!! I am so happy. As a team, you captured me and the essence of my message.  I am so thrilled.  I never dreamed it would be so wonderful.

Barb Ryan


What a treat and a gift to have both of these videos, I deeply appreciate the finished products, as well as our time together in the studio. It was a pleasure to experience your medicine of calling out the inspiration from each of us.

Lucius Wheeler


It is so inspiring to witness the two of you working with passion and enthusiasm and gifting it all to the community. I am truly grateful to have the video you've created, and will be sure to plant the seed to others thinking about having something like that.

Lisa Hendrick