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 Sacred Pathways

Luminous Threads 1  Q'ero Textile Energy & Artistry with Wake - DVD



In this DVD, contemporary shaman Robert Wakeley Wheeler introduces the viewer to the power and beauty of the cloths and weavings of the Q'ero of Peru. As he welcomes us into his "condor's nest," filled with colorful textiles and "luminous threads," we learn the significance of various images and symbols depicted in the cloth, including the chunchu, a depiction of humanity as beings of energy, and the chacana, a representation of celestial guidance inspired by the Southern Cross.

Wake then guides us further on a journey of divination, where the viewer is exposed to the artistry of stone and thread. As stones are placed and beads are thrown on these cloths, synchronous constellations are rendered, offering understanding and insight into our lives, our essence, our relationships, our challenges, and our destinies. The synergy of stone and cloth merging in the process of divination reveals interpretive, though resonant guidance, allowing us access beyond known realms and potentially showing us our life's path, both individually and collectively.

With enthusiasm and fervor, Wake magically, even whimsically immerses us in the indigenous soul.

Information about Wake's individual sessions, shamanic workshops, and sacred journeys can be found at

Media Reviewer - Sue Imperial


 Sacred Pathways

Luminous Threads 2  Q'ero Textile Cosmology with Wake - DVD



Contemporary shaman Wake Wheeler delves more deeply into the world of the Q'ero cloth in "Luminous Threads 2." In this DVD, Q'ero textiles literally take on new dimension under Wake's hands as he builds structure from the Q'ero weavings, reflecting the dynamism of fullness and emergence through the folding and unfolding of the cloths. A steward of the Q'ero weavings, Wake playfully demonstrates how bringing height to the cloth enhances the power of these cloths as living mandalas.

We are then guided on a journey of Q'ero cosmology where, in focusing on the numbers 2 and 4, we explore both the duality and four-dimensionality of the universe.  Wake then turns our attention to the Chacana, a symbol representing the star cluster of the Southern Cross, and the Kuichi, the rainbow pathway. It is through this cosmological tapestry that the Q'ero live energy and translate energy.

As Wake nests one cloth within another, energetic dichotomy emerges. Divination through the throwing of beads invites us to trade thinking for sensing and feeling and to use the information to go further to divinate our own expression through conscious placement of beads or stones.

Brought to life in Wake Wheeler's hands, these cloths remind us that we are all beings of light and are always afforded celestial guidance.

Information about Wake's individual sessions, shamanic workshops, and sacred journeys can be found at

Media Reviewer - Sue Imperial